Sunday, December 27, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all got wonderful presents from your family! I know I did! I got my own Copic Ciao markers! The work very well! I love Christmas! Christmas is over but at least we can look forward to next year!
God Bless you,
Elena :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowflake Angelica

To make this, I found a bunch of cut-out card decorations. I used 2 of them; the snowflake that Angelica is sitting in and the snowflake scenery. I LOVE snow!!!

Stuck in The Storm

I used a Sharpie poster paint pen to make the falling snow. I glued flock to the bottom of the picture to act as snow. My dad is going to give it to one of his co-workers. I colored the tilda with COPIC markers! I also drew the sidewalk. I hope you like it!

O Holy Night Card

I've been busy with school work for a while so I haven't got any time to make cards. But this card and 10 more aren't obligatory. I made them for my dad to give to his co-workers for Christmas. If I even had a choice, I would still make them because I love making cards! I love Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great News!! Happy Christmas!!

These are the cards we made. We want to start selling our cards to people by next year. I can't wait!!! Enjoy your Christmas!


My friend also did this one with me! We used the Cricut, Magnolia, and really cool red, green, and gold ribbon!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!! ~Sorry!

My friend and I made this card. We used this really cool shiney paper we found at target. I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while, but school has taken up all my time!